Crompton Aura Prime Antidust Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura Prime Antidust Ceiling Fan

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Introducing new Anti-Dust fan that attracts 50% less dust than regular fans
Hassle-free cleaning
Easy to clean with just a single swipe
Stain-free and sparkling new look with every clean

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Technical Specifications:
Cat Ref. Sweep (mm) Power Input (W) Air Delivery ( Color Speed (RPM)
Aura Prime- Anti Dust 600 600 mm 65 120 Birken Effect, Onix, Chicory 875
Aura Prime- Anti Dust 900 900 mm 62 155 Birken Effect, Onix, Chicory 410
Aura Prime- Anti Dust 1050 1050 mm 65 190 Birken Effect, Onix, Chicory 360
Aura Prime- Anti Dust 1200 1200 mm 74 230 Birken Effect, Onix, Chicory, Lilac Matt, Mica Matt, Husky Gold, Melange Beige, Titanium, Himalayan Grey, Dusky Brown, Butter Scotch, Lavender Silver, Antique Beige, Lilac Gloss, lagoon Blue 380
Aura Prime- Anti Dust 1400 1400 mm 84 270 Birken Effect 285


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